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Commonly known as "Sin City" or "The Entertainment City of the World", Las Vegas has a worldwide reputation as a major city for gambling, entertainment, fabulous shopping, a dynamic nightlife and great restaurants. When people around the globe think Vegas, they think of the Strip and the truly iconic hotels, which serve the millions of global visitors who descend on the desert city every week to experience the thrills and excitement of this city that never sleeps. With romantic sounding names that evoke mystery, exotic destinations and intrigue, these giant hotels are decorated with lavish care, intense attention to theme, and a wonderful detail orientation that stretches from lighting, to restaurant themes, to the uniforms worn by the hotel staff.

The scale of Las Vegas Hotels is simply staggering, and the desert setting make them seem even larger. Taking a walk down 'The Strip' from Caesar's Palace to Mirage can take 15-20 minutes, and those hotels are next door to each other. The properties are enormous, and with hotels that have 5000-7000 rooms each, you can see them from miles away and feel like they're a stone's throw away.

Most entertainment, dining, shows, and gambling centers around hotels and old Downtown Vegas. The properties offer enormous casinos, attracting gamblers to take in blackjack, slot machines, craps games, baccarat, and in the last few years Hold'em and other poker game have grown enormously popular in all the casinos. Moreover, famous chefs from around the world; New York Chefs, New Orleans Chefs, Parisian Chefs, and more have opened restaurants here, creating an oasis of world-class dining a few floors away from your room. Dining is a true experience, because every hotel or restaurant in this town has a theme, and everything about your amazing meal will be neatly tied to it. If high-end eating isn't your cup of tea, you can still find great value for food, including the astonishing buffets! These are open for every meal and are all-you-can-eat, but unlike the unlimited restaurants you might have at home, these buffets can be extraordinary, packed with Alaskan King Crab, gorgeous sushi, and hundreds of dessert choices.

Shows also are centered in the resorts, with famous entertainers occupying full-time space on a stage and numerous Cirque de Soleil shows dot the Strip. Bars and nightclubs also abound for the people who actually choose to pay for their drinks (all drinks while gambling in a casino are typically free). The most popular night clubs will require you to wait behind a rope line and try to look your best, but Ladies Nights in Vegas are always a popular way at least for women to find their way in.

Many of the city's best sights and attractions are part of Las Vegas mega hotels and resorts, where the words "hotel" and "casino" are used interchangeably. Seasoned visitors quickly figure out that these hotels spend millions to bring strolling tourists into their casinos. For example, the fountains at the Bellagio put on a magnificent, musical display every 15 minutes during the evenings. Inside, you'll find constantly refreshed and seasonal flower garden and a world-class art gallery. The Mirage casino hotel has an erupting "volcano" accompanied by a fantastic light display and aquarium. Next door you'll find a rocking pirate ship and a dramatic fight scene at Treasure Island. You can take a Venetian gondola trip through the Venetian Hotel&Resort. The world's largest gold nugget is on show at the Golden Nugget casino, while the up-close viewing of lions is possible at the MGM Grand and beautiful flamingos and other exotic birds at the Flamingo casino hotel. Across from Mandalay Bay and its amazing beach pool area complete with shark reef is Cloud Nine, the World's Largest Land Tethered Helium Balloon offering day and night flights over the city. Did we mention that Circus Circus has a real-life "center ring" circus performance in the heart of the hotel, a small nod to some of the family entertainment that has infiltrated the Sin City to increase family visits.

The properties also attempt to outdo each other with their pool scenes. Some hotels have family pools, adult pools with slimmer dress codes, and in-pool bars. Live music, hula contests and dancing are also common features of packed poolsides in Vegas.

The hotels here are also synonymous with a wide variety of theatrical performances which include strictly adult shows with showgirls, family entertainment such as the Masquerade in the Sky with a carnival atmosphere, the international renowned Cirque du Soleil and fabulous extravaganzas such as the Follies Bergere. Headliner shows and tribute shows are always a great attraction attracting many guests. Nightclubs, bars, pubs and restaurants abound adding to the all-night experience.

You can't talk about this place without talking about weddings. Naturally, you'll find a wedding chapel in every hotel, and at the luxurious spots, the chapels are similarly classy. Not up for "classy" for your wedding, you really can get an Elvis Wedding in the city, complete with a 50s tune of your choice and some bad hair. Whether your wedding is long in the works or short in the planning, you'll find super wedding options in the city.

The array of hotels here are endless with something for everyone. Those on a tight budget would do better to book in during the week when there are big discounts on accommodations and no major shows in town at the enormous Las Vegas Convention Center. From budget hotels and mid-range hotels to some of the most luxurious five star hotels and resorts in the world, the choice is endless. Located on the strip are famous hotels such as Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Planet Hollywood and hundreds more.

If you want to get out of your room, and into the outdoors, there is a great deal to do. Men head there for bachelor parties and women for girls trips, and here's why. There may not be a place in the world with more phenomenal championship golf courses. If you're staying at the Wynn Resort, you get a chance to play this course, but if not, there are endless public desert golf courses. Bring a few extra balls, because the town is all about target golf, from the Badlands to the TPC courses, and you want to be sure you have fun. If you're not a golfer and perchance in Vegas with your girlfriends, you'll find the spa options amazingly attractive. Spas also try to one-up each other with the size of their spas, the range of their massages and other treatments, and the luxury of their hot tubs and pools. Enjoy a quick workout in a fitness center followed by some serious pampering.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" as the famous saying goes, and the hotels here provide guests with the means to let their hair down and escape into the fantasy world. Lavish and flashy, energetic and pulsating, these hotels will have guests returning time and time again.